Monday, May 28, 2012

Concert de Casseroles #3! -- Wednesday May 30 at Harbourside Park, 8 PM


Videos and images from Harbourside Park and the march on Water Street. Lots of parents and kids out tonight in solidarity with the student movement in Quebec and to show discontent with Law-78. An inspiring evening altogether! To share your own pics and videos and see what others have posted, check out the facebook event page.

Soundtrack for a Revolution - #4 - Hiretsukan: Barrel Roll

I hope you're interested in being yelled at because this week's installment of Soundtrack features Hiretsukan.

Hiretsukan -- Japanese for 'a despicable person', so I hear -- is a melodic hardcore band that was formed in 1998 somewhere outside of Washington, DC. The music is fast and dissonant. The vocals are shouted and yelled, by vocalist Michelle Proffit and backing vocalist Dave Sanders. The lyrics are political, and any one of their tracks would have been suitable.

For this episode, however, I've chosen "Barrel Roll," which is from their 2002 EP "Invasive//Exotic" (G7 Welcoming Committee). This track paints a chaotic picture of protest and a subsequent crackdown, where the ruling power (from a safe distance) tries to coax the public into believing that everything is just fine.

Here is a video gleaned from YouTube that contains the track and lyrics, though the lyrics can also be found below the video because I don't think the ones in the video are quite right.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Concert de Casseroles in NEWFOUNDLAND to Support Quebecois Students

Concert de Casseroles in NEWFOUNDLAND to Support Students in Quebec

Concert de casseroles (concert of pots and pans) in support of the demands of the Québec students and against law 78. 

TONIGHT - Sunday, May 27th, 8:00 p.m., at Harbourside Park.  

Show your colours: wear red, especially a red square!

This is not organized by an "organization"; we are doing this to demonstrate our support for the Québec demonstrations, and we are doing this to show we value civil rights.

What's a pots and pans concert?
A beautifully shot video of Quebec's nightly demos:

Wondering what the student strike has to do with you?
10 Points Eveyone should now about the Quebec Student Movement:

Wondering what Law 78 is all about?
Why it's wrong from the Quebec Bar Association: and a translation at:

Facebook event:
Related posts:
Our General Assembly will take place directly after this event, at around 8:30 at Harbourside Park

Update:  Here's the CBC article about the event

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    University Tuition in Canada: some historical perspective.

    A recurring argument in news commentary about the Quebec student strike is that Quebeckers pay the lowest university tuition in the country so they have no justification to protest tuition hikes.  These commentators tend to frame prevailing tuition rates in Ontario and BC as "normal", and thus the Quebec tuition rates as abnormally low.

    I think a little bit of historical perspective is in order.  Here is a chart presenting average annual tuition and fees for bachelor's degree programs in Canada's four largest provinces (plus NL).  The figures are corrected for inflation, in constant 2012 dollars.

    Click graph to expand

    Harbourside Kitchen Zine #2


    Those of us involved with the Harbourside Kitchen Zine put together a second issue -- 'eviction edition extravaganza' -- which was both completed and distributed on May 10th, in time for the eviction show at Harbourside Park.

    This issue contains more words, more recipes, a comic, a corrected-yet-hilarious typo that only three or four of us know about, and the potential for a knitting group to start! As an added bonus, the cover of this issue is the eviction notice.

    If you'd like to read the zine online, you can certainly do that. If you'd like to print your own copy, you can do that too. If you'd like a copy that you don't have to assemble yourself, we have some copies left (and the ability to get more). Come visit us the next time we're cooking (check the blog!) and we'll gladly give you a copy. And I'm sure we'd be willing to send you a copy of it by mail if you contact us by e-mail and provide the necessary details.

    ...We would also appreciate it if you would light our stove for us.

    From the kitchen with love,

    Harbourside Kitchen

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    UPDATED POST: On the student movement in Quebec

    Massive student protests ongoing in Montreal -- on March 22nd, 200,000 protesters took part in a demonstration in downtown Montreal . Exactly a month later, on Earth Day, another 200,000 people took to the streets. And yet another month later, only picking up steam, a wave of people in red packed downtown Montreal on May 22nd, nearing 300,000 strong.

    Click here for more images from the March 22 demonstrations.

    Great recap: Ten Things Everyone Should Know about the Quebec Student Movement
    In response to the emergency law passed, Law 78, people have this to say: Arrest me!

    Downtown Montreal on May 22, 2012

    Concordia Student Union General Assembly operates using horizontal decision making like that used by the Occupy movement, and they spearheaded the student strike originating at Concordia. More info here about how this started.

    For up-to-date and reliable info on the Montreal student protests, check out the Montreal Media Co-op and Concordia University TV (CUTV) to watch the recap videos and livestreams from the student protests.


    You can also visit the Concordia Student Union site. And the McGill Student Union has a Student Strike FAQ up on their site.

    Visit the CLASSE website for more info as well. CLASSE is a temporary national student organization that includes, across Quebec, more than 76,000 members in many student unions from both colleges and universities. 

    Visit the MobSquad website for info on the campaign against tuition hikes.


    Demands to Concordia's Administration from students on strike 

    Here's a good overview of what's been happening since March 22. 

    April 11th -- Occupy Wall Street reports on Montreal student protests

    April 20th -- CUTV footage of violent policy encounter with student protesters

    April 20th -- Footage of protests at the Montreal Palais des Congres

    April 22th-- Crowd shot of Earth Day protest

    April 28th -- Montreal demonstrators march in protest of Jean Charest  (here's why)

    May 4th -- Montreal Students Stage Nearly-Nude Protests

    May 14th -- Quebec's Education Minister Resigns as Protests Continue

    May 17th -- Montreal students occupy University of Quebec

    May 17th -- Quebec announces emergency law to restore order and thousands protest in Montreal

    May 19th -- Quebec steps closer to martial law to repress students

    May 22nd -- Anatomy of a conflict after 100 days of student protest

    Thursday, May 17, 2012

    If Helpers Fell From The Sky

    We are living in strange times. This is an empirical fact. For confirmation go to Google images and turn safe search off. Type in anything. Note the results. One of the things that makes it all strange is the underlying value system of our current milieu. Late capitalism dictates that anyone can succeed. The missing second part to that dictum is that anyone can succeed, but not everyone. One person’s success is another’s failure, financially. Late capitalism’s sine qua non is that it necessarily produces inequality: poverty, homelessness, addiction, mental health crises. We know this. The people who have the power to change things clearly aren’t interested in changing it, and the people who might desire change are by and large too busy to be able to do much about it.

    Once in a while though, in a synchronous tingle through the matrix, a movement happens; the miraculous. A group of people crystallize who are able to navigate each other and make an effort to help, to make up for where our system fails. They volunteer their time and energy and are willing to do what many are not, to navigate the world with less fear, to be open to anyone, to live with less, to make a difference. To make a fucking effort.

    I am not one of those people. I walked away, I didn’t have it in me. I got rattled after the Zuccotti Park eviction. Ken Canning on the other hand has been living at Harbourside Park for seven fucking months. I complain about the drafts in my apartment.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Peaceful sit-in at Harbourside Park May 16th, 8 AM

    Tonight's General Assembly reached total consensus on what to do about the looming eviction deadline of May 15th midnight. We all agreed to take down our last remaining symbolic tent and leave the park cleaner than when we arrived on October 15th, 2011, as part of the global Occupy revolution making its way to Canada.

    Join us at 8 AM tomorrow morning, May 16th, at Harbourside Park for a peaceful sit-in on the space where our tents used to be. Our camp is now gone, but sit with us tomorrow in a show of solidarity, in recognition that the loss of our physical encampment does not signal the end of our movement. This is just the end of a beautiful and inspiring prelude. Join us for phase two and beyond.

    Read more about the media coverage of OccupyNL's eviction here.

    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Occupy NL Eviction in the news...

    Prior to May 16th:

    Adam Walsh interviewed three occupiers on May 14 down at Harbourside Park about the looming eviction on May 15th. Have a listen here.

    Also, check out these articles:
    CBC: Eviction day for Occupy NLers
    CBC's Here and Now (video): Eviction tonight?
    CBC News: Here and Now - May 15 (video) (2:22 - 3:14) and (11:17:30 -  11:19:20)
    Telegram: Occupy NL eviction looms
    National Post: Occupy stalwart St. John’s, NL, to be kicked out by midnight
    Globe and Mail (video): After Eight Months, St. John's Occupy Protestors Pack Up
    Calgary Herald: After long winter, Newfoundland Occupy diehards told to pack it in
    NTV: OccupyNL packs up its tents

    May 16th:

    Occupy NL's resolution to have a peaceful sit-in.
    CBC: Occupy NL removes camp before St. John's deadline
    CBC's Here and Now (video): Occupy NL Moves
    The Telegram: City thanks Occupy NL members for removing camp
    The Vancouver Sun: All-winter Occupy N.L. campers leave St. John's park cleanly, quietly

    Operation Cruise Ship Welcome

    The cruise ship Crystal Serenity has arrived for a brief visit in  St. John's, Newfoundland. If you would like to read the specifications of the ship and check the rates for the New York - Rome Explorer Combination package please click here (**note that the $7810.00 "cruise only" fare does not include gratuity).

    Images from Occupy NL welcome ceremony
    (click on images for a better view)
    Telegram coverage here.

    Click to enlarge!

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Message from InterOccupy Canada

    Here's a message from our friends at InterOccupy Canada:

    "Dear friends, family, sisters, and brothers of the Occupy movement,

    A few of us in Interoccupy Canada have taken it upon ourselves to do research across the board into the diverse visions, missions and meanings that hold true to Occupy. We are interested in connecting and working together with all of the groups in our nation for the common goals of the 99%. In order to move forward with co-operation on this front in a strong manner, we would like to compile a list of these definitions and find common ground to work together on. Together we stand strong. Separated we are weakened. We are the 99%. Let us build a community of hope together.

    If you are interested in helping us with this idea, please provide us with these details (They may be snappy sentences or novels - give us everything you think will help):

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    What's wrong with Wall Street?

    A member of Occupy NL put together this great educational video to explain in simple language what is wrong with Wall Street.

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    The Brat Attack and Expressive Humans @ Occupy NL Eviction Concert May 10th

    This Thursday May 10th two amazing bands, the Brat Attack and Expressive Humans, all about social justice will be playing a free Occupy NL  concert at Harbourside Park from 4-10 PM. Read more about the Occupy NL eviction here.

    Check out the Facebook event!

    We encourage people to bring food for a potluck, starting at 4 PM! Harbourside Kitchen will also be cooking for the event (a vegan curried lentil dish). 

    Event description below: 

    Sunday, May 6, 2012

    The future of Occupy NL

    **Join the Facebook event here!**

    GLOBAL CONTEXT: May 15th is a global day of action for the Occupy movement. The Indignados from Spain are celebrating their one year anniversary and hundreds of thousands of people have re-occupied squares all over Spain and continue to hold the space. Occupy Wall Street and a broad affiliation of organizations will join together for a sit-down strike and mass assembly in Times Squares at 6 PM.This action will focus on the Banks and their role in the Global Economic Crisis. Occupy NL stands in solidarity with the global movement against austerity and seeks to move towards economic justice worldwide during this day of global action.

    We will be evicted from Harbourside Park today, May 15th. Despite all odds, Occupy NL has lasted through the winter, but now that Spring is here the City of St. John's is preparing for tourist season. Read another important blogpost on the subject.

    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    The They

    You may sometimes hear it said that "they" are responsible for the erosion of our democracy, or "they" burglarized our society from the inside out, or "they" are calling all the shots. They did this... they did that... they should pay for what they've done.

    This expression of "they" is, on the one hand, no more than a turn of phrase,  a pronoun intended to express a collectivized concept of the power-brokers (politicians, banksters, etc.) one comes to recognize as the parts of an oppressive and corrupt system. On the other hand, this formulation of "they" illuminates an image of the oppressive system as a kind of cloak and dagger organization, something like a demonic cult or twisted college fraternity that sets out to destroy the world.

    Friday, May 4, 2012

    Harbourside Kitchen Zine

    For OccupyNL's May Day celebration, Harbourside Kitchen somehow managed to complete a zine. It contains some recipes, an essay about Occupy in relation to food sovereignty, and a brief list of local collectives and food groups, as well as a list of free/pay-what-you-can vegan kitchens at universities across Canada.

    You can read it online or print it yourself. If you'd like a printed copy but for whatever reason you're unable to print it, please contact Harbourside Kitchen by , by leaving a comment on this post, or by yelling out to us if you happen to see us around the city. We'll see what we can do for you!

    Until next time,

    Harbourside Kitchen

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    #MayDay Recap at Harbourside Park, St. John's

    May Day saw huge protests around the world -- Occupy Wall Street and have great coverage of U.S protests. This Global May newsletter will get you up to speed on May Day and other upcoming May events worldwide.

    Here's the CBC's coverage of the May Day protests across Canada. Occupy NL also participated in this Spring upsurge of people power, of momentum towards the global change we so desperately need.

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