Monday, May 14, 2012

Operation Cruise Ship Welcome

The cruise ship Crystal Serenity has arrived for a brief visit in  St. John's, Newfoundland. If you would like to read the specifications of the ship and check the rates for the New York - Rome Explorer Combination package please click here (**note that the $7810.00 "cruise only" fare does not include gratuity).

Images from Occupy NL welcome ceremony
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Telegram coverage here.

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Anonymous said...

for Mrs. Garland

Anonymous said...

Occupy the truth! Live and love alive!!

Anonymous said...

amazing image

Harlequin said...

so effective; powerful and poignant at the same time. what a whack of preparation you did to get this to work, not to mention all the physical energy it takes to build a banner that big and get out to the rocks with the whole thing intact.
way to go, occupy NL.

Anonymous said...

Get a job.

Anonymous said...

Nice. What if one of you clowns had fallen in the harbour, probably would've expected the rest of the "99%" to come to your rescue no doubt. Get a job...there's a reason you're the only occupy camp still on the go, and it's not because you're persistent. It's because you're stuipid...everyone else realized they were wasting time, and probably foudn a better way to contribute to society.

Gudahtt said...

Previous Anonymous: A better way to contribute to society? Better than what exactly?

It's hardly fair to criticism something you know nothing about. You don't see me going around dissing the Theory of Relativity, because I don't understand the arguments for it, that would be foolish. How can you say we've wasted our time without knowing what we've spent our time on?

For starters: the vast majority of us have jobs. I can only think of a couple that don't, and that's out of the 100+ people that have been involved since October.

Secondly: the camp is hardly representative of our activities and achievements. Our movement operates via General Assembly (GA). That's what we do; we meet, talk, discuss things, and make decisions using consensus. We also partake in various other activities, usually planned/discussed at GA.

Take a look at the documents linked on the side of the page if you're genuinely interested in learning more.

Kathryn Foley said...

OccupyNL should no longer be pulled into an egoist argument regarding who has paid and who has unpaid work. In this locale education and opportunity are a crap shoot despite canadian democratic roots. People who are employed should not have to be embarrased by their participation in civil action. People who have no income should not be pigeonholded in archaic notions of who is stupid and who is not. If you're job is to piss me off, it doesn't work anymore because I dismiss your ego, I dismiss your weak attempts to sully the reputation of OccupyNL. Your argument is so boring we have better things to do. You will no longer distract us from our work.

Anonymous said...

It's pointless to respond to such an angry comment.

Accept and understand that this person is projecting their own anxieties, though. Someone with so much misguided passion is surely ready to swing in either direction.

Kathryn Foley said...

I accept his anxieties but resist others calling people stupid as a result of unemployment. We may refer to the attitude as misguided passion, a very patient and tolerant way to interpret his comments but he clearly doesn't offer the same tolerance or lead me to think he will change. Sorry for the trouble.

Anonymous said...

gutsy. nice job occupy
totally with you on this one

Anonymous said...

Kathryn: No, it's certainly not a tolerant position. It's quite the opposite.

There is no trouble, and you need not apologize, and I think you should keep addressing the issue if you feel like it.