Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#MayDay Recap at Harbourside Park, St. John's

May Day saw huge protests around the world -- Occupy Wall Street and have great coverage of U.S protests. This Global May newsletter will get you up to speed on May Day and other upcoming May events worldwide.

Here's the CBC's coverage of the May Day protests across Canada. Occupy NL also participated in this Spring upsurge of people power, of momentum towards the global change we so desperately need.

To start off the day, the People's Library was out. The mantra? Free knowledge. 

We stand in solidarity with the student protests in Montreal fighting for free education.

There was a Save Oxfam petition for people to sign as well. Please visit their Facebook page.

There was no shortage of artistic creativity either. The park was covered in Occupy Art.

For once the sun was out, just like on the poster!

Real eyes, realize, real lies
Resist hegemony

Occupy your art!

"When injustice becomes law, then civil disobedience becomes duty"

(and I feel fine)

There were also talented local musicians down at Harbourside Park for May Day celebrations. 


An anon dropped by in solidarity.

 And Harbourside Kitchen cooked a delicious Sweet Potato and Peanut stew for the potluck.

In the afternoon, Wandering Brush offered free face painting!

Wandering Brush, with the wonderful Dylan Cag and Thomas Jordan.

Allison Ford, with Grounding Earth yoga, led a group in some relaxing yoga in the park.

When the sun finally set, we had a fire spinner visit. VIDEO to be posted shortly. Send us your pictures or video so we can include it in this post!

Thanks everyone from all across the St. John's community for taking part in May Day this year. We will be seeing the effects of the energy generated around May Day 2012, and all the Occupy Spring May events, for a long time to come. This energy can't be stopped -- not by ridicule, apathy, or even an eviction. This is only the beginning...


Anonymous said...

Wandering Brush with the Wonderful Dylan Cag and Thomas Jordan !!!!!!! Had a great time. Much Love :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for a great day.