Monday, May 28, 2012

Concert de Casseroles #3! -- Wednesday May 30 at Harbourside Park, 8 PM


Videos and images from Harbourside Park and the march on Water Street. Lots of parents and kids out tonight in solidarity with the student movement in Quebec and to show discontent with Law-78. An inspiring evening altogether! To share your own pics and videos and see what others have posted, check out the facebook event page.

the people!
solidara - tea?


On Sunday May 27 concerned citizens in St. John's protested in solidarity with the student movement in Quebec against Law-78. Here's the CBC coverage of that first event.

Since the first pots and pans (Concert de Casseroles) protest in Montreal on May 24th, the enthusiasm has caught on after a video of the action went viral. Show your disapproval of bill-78 by making lots of noise -- bring a pot or pan and something to hit it with! Wear your "red square" (a play on the notion that impoverished students are "squarely in the red") and a mask, both of which would be illegal in Montreal.

Join us as we participate in a Canada-wide Concert de Casseroles, to show our solidarity once again, on Wednesday May 30 at 8 PM at Harbourside Park!


Kyle said...

I'm glad there was such a good turnout! Hooray!

Harlequin said...

i may just have to go to a public place in appropriate garb with a sufficiently loud pot/pan and hitting device and make a little noise at the appointed hour.

good luck with the event.

Marion said...

So good to see this! Keep up the pressure, and stay peaceful (I know you will!)

Jon said...

article in le devoir on event:

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