Sunday, May 13, 2012

Message from InterOccupy Canada

Here's a message from our friends at InterOccupy Canada:

"Dear friends, family, sisters, and brothers of the Occupy movement,

A few of us in Interoccupy Canada have taken it upon ourselves to do research across the board into the diverse visions, missions and meanings that hold true to Occupy. We are interested in connecting and working together with all of the groups in our nation for the common goals of the 99%. In order to move forward with co-operation on this front in a strong manner, we would like to compile a list of these definitions and find common ground to work together on. Together we stand strong. Separated we are weakened. We are the 99%. Let us build a community of hope together.

If you are interested in helping us with this idea, please provide us with these details (They may be snappy sentences or novels - give us everything you think will help):

1. Suggestions and ideas to improve Occupy groups (facilitation/organization, troubling issues and obstacles, civility and inclusion, General Assemblies/Consensus, etc):

2. Vision and goals (what issues is the group concerned about? What ideas do you think Occupy should be discussing/addressing? Possible solutions to the problems? Where you expect to be as a group in ten years? Twenty years? etc.)

Please e-mail your answers to

Thank you very much for your help and co-operation. As soon as we compile the information, we will send you all the final copy to share the information and hopefully find some good use of it.

Your friends and comrades of Interoccupy Canada."

This will be an ongoing project to help identify our goals and principles, and how to best accomplish what we've set out to achieve.

Please feel free to share your opinions; we need all the ideas we can get! Don't worry if your idea seems unrealistic, unfeasible, or unpopular, tell us anyway! We're going for quantity, not quality (for now, that is; while we're at the data collection stage).  You could even send multiple submissions if you'd like.  We'll do our best to compile the information and make some use of it. This is an important step towards making headway on our long-term initiatives.

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