Monday, June 11, 2012

More Casseroles Nights in Canada

Since the epic concert de Casseroles video that went viral on May 24, the rest of Canada has stepped up to show solidarity with the students in Quebec (and a broader popular movement of citizens concerned about the draconian and far-reaching "loi special" Law 78).

View the June 13th Facebook event page here.

Meet up with people in St. John's willing to stand up for a better future. We'll be meeting up at Harbourside Park at 8 PM (and every Wednesday at 8 PM) with our pots and pans, signs and banners, and then marching up Water Street. Wear a red square (a play on students being "squarely in the red" with student debt) to show your solidarity with a movement that pundits from across the world are calling the Maple Spring. Another great explanation here from the site Translating the printemps érable (

If you want to better understand the scope of issues arising out of the student movement in Quebec these past months, read the information-laden archive of Translating the printemps érable.

Here's the recap on the previous Casseroles protests in St. John's. And here's to many more. Stop Harper now, while you still can! Rise up against the ominous bill C-38!

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