Saturday, November 19, 2011

Open Forum Day

As decided at the General Assembly on Thursday, from now on Saturday will be our "Open Forum Day". Open Forum day is primarily for discussion and education.  From the beginning, encouraging the public to discuss the issues we face as a society has been a top priority of every Occupy movement.  It's essential that we educate ourselves about what's happening in the world if we stand any chance of changing things for the better.  So Saturday is the day we've set aside for people to gather at Harbourside Park, and discuss whatever needs to be discussed.

Open Forum Day starts at noon, though if you wanted to show up early you're more than welcome to.  There is no end time, stay as long as you'd like to.  There will be a digital projector on-site at 4 PM for any videos or films people would like to watch.  And of course, free wifi!  Laptops are encouraged.

There is no particular focus of discussion; anything goes.  I'd encourage people to use this opportunity to talk about possible new directions for our movement, or to learn more about current politics.  If you want to participate in our democracy, the best way to start is not only to educate yourself, but also talk about it with others.  Discussion spreads ideas, and that is how change starts.

This would also be the ideal time to discuss propositions that are tabled to be voting upon the next day, at Sunday GA.  There isn't enough time during a General Assembly to thoroughly discuss every aspect of every proposal, so we try to encourage people to critique them as much as possible beforehand. So on Saturday, if you agree or disagree with anything that has been proposed, we'd love to have your input.

Open Forum Day is not just for discussion though, this is the day we recommend for workshops or projects members would like to prepare on their own, while everyone is at Harbourside Park.  It's the ideal time for anything educational, or entertaining.

Lastly, we'd like to have some of our critics drop down to talk with us.  If you're among those that believe our message is unclear, or stupid, pointless, or otherwise flawed in some way, please join us this Saturday!  Any and all criticism is welcome, if you think we're doing something wrong please let us know.

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