Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wikipedia Blackout - Jan18

Wikipedia has today blacked out access to all English language pages in protest over proposed privacy and copyright acts (SOPA and PIPA) currently before the US Congress. To learn more, please visit Wikipedia's information page on the issue.


Anonymous said...

Good video here as well that discusses SOPA, from the Stanford Center for Internet and Soceity:!

Anonymous said...

Other sites involved in the protest action include:


Google's US Homepage



Flicker (invited users to choose to blackout their photos)

Wired Magazine


Boing Boing

Gudahtt said...

There's another threat to our internet freedoms that Canada is in fact directly involved with; ACTA, an international trade agreement. Canada has already singed it, and it's details are largely a secret. Negotiations were highly secret, th...ere was absolutely no transparency.

Explanation video here:

Lastest copy of bill:

Review of ACTA by EFF:

Erika said...

Thousands of people in the streets of Poland to protest ACTA:

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