Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Occupiers have even lost Naheed Nenshi

Back in November 2011,  when the police were cracking down on Occupy camps around the world and elite opinion was working to undermine the movement, the Globe and Mail ran an editorial The Occupiers have even lost Naheed Nenshi that ticked me off enough to write the follow reply in the comments. Just wanted to share.

I was really taken aback by the condescending tone of this editorial. Consider the quote "In Vancouver, after being served with a court order, the protesters packed up their tents and, like children proud of their cunning, moved them to another public area." 
If the editorial board of the Globe and Mail made any effort to understand this movement, they would know that it isn't all about tents. This is about having a place where people can come together as equals and have a conversation about what is happening in our society. This is about providing a voice to people who feel frustrated and powerless and disconnected from our traditional hierarchical institutions. This is an experiment in democracy by people who feel the current system is failing them. 

After every election in this country, your newspaper runs a story about reduced voter turnout and youth disengagement, and wring your hands over what this means for democratic legitimacy. And yet, when a movement develops that is engaging people, particularly young people, and is helping to reinvigorate political participation and civic engagement, you dismiss it as a bunch of bratty children who want stay up past their bedtime and break the rules! Can't you see that our democracy is more important than the minor disruption posed some tents in a park!

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