Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free James Learning!


Jim Learning was released April 10th, on day five of his hunger strike.
Visit NunatuKavut for more info...


**Call for Jim's Release by NCC and Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu** 

NunatuKavut elder James Learning is being held in custody by RCMP in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. He is on hunger strike for the duration of his incarceration, in protest of the stripping of his constitutionally guaranteed rights. This is unconscionable. Jim's crime is no more than standing up for his people, to the chagrin of our hydra-headed government and its corporate masters.

Don't let them trample on Jim Learning. Don't let them trample on peaceful protest and fundamental rights. Add your voice to the chorus calling for Jim's immediate release. Write your MHA and MP. Send words of support and solidarity to NunatuKavut and Friends of the Grand River/Mistashipu. If you are in the HV-GB area, join friends and supporters of Jim at the Vigil Tent on Hamilton Road. (post to be updated as more info becomes available)

**For more background, The Independent has two great articles out: "Hunger Striking NunatuKavut Elder Calls for a Unified Labrador," and "NunatuKavut Launches 'on-the-ground' Action Plan to Halt Muskrat Falls."

**Listen to Todd Russell talking about the protest on VOCM

*People's Assembly NL statement of solidarity

*Free Jim Learning Vigil Tent pics, via Denise Cole 
Video slideshow montage


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Stay Strong Jim!

s-kw’étú? said...

?úl-nú-msh-chálap, the Coastal Salish people stand with you!

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