Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bill C-10

The General Assembly has decided to stand in solidarity with other Occupy groups nationwide to take action against the Omnibus Crime Bill C-10. To that end OccupyNL has planned an event for Friday, November 4th.

The Facebook event page has the necessary background information regarding the Bill itself, and suggests that citizens take part in both visible protest actions, as well as a letter campaign to Members of Parliament.

Links Arising

Bill C-10 (Official Government of Canada site)

Online petition against the Bill (Hosted at

See Who Votes for What (
^^ From the Facebook page: "This is where you can find out WHO is voting FOR this bill. CLICK ON THE DATE of the vote. Then the INDIVIDUALS who said yes. CONTACT LINK IS ON THE LEFT of the next page. "

Other Media

"Texas Conservatives Reject Harper's Plan",


Gudahtt said...

Will definitely be there.
Everyone spread the word! This might be our last chance to voice our opposition to C-10.

Erika said...

Lots of great info here. I will definitely educate myself and spread the word :)

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