How online casinos in Canada donate money and change the world for the better

What do online casinos in Canada have to offer the world? Quite a bit. These establishments not only provide fun and entertainment for millions of people around the globe, they also donate some of their profits each year to charity. In addition, some online casino sites go above and beyond with what they can give while hosting games for players from all over.

Some of this generosity has been documented. In 2013, for example, online casino Rox in Canada donated $8 million to charities and non-profits worldwide. That's a lot of money that can be used to help people around the world in a variety of different ways.

Since that time, online casinos have continued to give back in a number of ways. In the spring of 2013, an establishment alternated each week between donating money and bringing in supplies for multiple sclerosis research. That's an example of how online casinos around the world are trying to help people with serious illnesses.

While $8 million is a lot of money, the casino has given more than this in recent years. In 2011 and 2012, they donated $10 million each year- which means that the momentum is there, and the business certainly wants to keep giving back.

Is another online casino helping out? Absolutely. One site has set a goal of donating a total of $90 million to various charities and non-profit organizations over the next ten years. They're starting off small, but they intend to ramp things up quickly.

Many other online casinos also donate some of their profits to charitable causes each year. Thanks to these establishments, thousands of individuals around the world will be helped by a charitable organization of their choice.

What's more, there are some online casinos in Canada that go above and beyond. One of these is an online casino with a specific theme- helping endangered wildlife. True to this goal, they not only donate some of their profits each year, but also give players the chance to add even more to the donation pool.

For example, each month a certain part of the casino's income goes to environmental charities and nonprofits. Part of this money comes from player funds by way of a special match play bonus that players can earn during play time at the site. Another great thing is that players get a return on their investment each time they hit this bonus.

Players don't just get to donate money- they also get the chance to win something in return for their generosity. To make things even better, there is a portion of monthly casino income that goes directly into the pockets of players. Instead of getting paid out super high (and unrealistic) jackpots like some other online casinos, players get a modest amount of cash every month.

These funds come from the same donation pool that helps out environmental charities and nonprofits. In fact, some of the money goes to help endangered animals directly- which is fantastic news for those who love wildlife and want to see these creatures continue on living in various parts of the world.

It's not just about donating money, either. Online casinos also give players the chance to donate their time and energy to helping various causes that they support. 

What can you do for foundations?

  • You might receive EFT instructions so you can help out on your own with a charity or non-profit organization of your choice.
  • You might receive the opportunity to volunteer at an organization or work for them for a certain period of time.
  • You might be asked to help with fundraising, which can take many forms (e.g., online raffles, auctions, etc.)
  • You might also receive another type of opportunity that will help out a charity or non-profit.

Of course, there is no obligation for players to do any of these things if they don't want to. One thing's for sure, though: thanks to online casinos that give back, thousands of people receive the help and support they need every year.

In addition, those who play at an online casino in Canada also get the opportunity to help various charitable causes and organizations, while having fun at the same time. That's a win-win scenario, which is something that everyone can appreciate!