Monday, July 9, 2012

Presentation on Corporate Tax Dodging and Tax Havens

This Tuesday, July 10th, come out to Occupy NL's weekly General Assembly for a screening of a presentation on Corporate tax dodging and tax havens, put together by a member of Occupy NL. Join us at 7 pm in the Arts and Admin Building at Memorial University, room A1046.

Here are a few resources to get you going:

The Tax Gap, an article published by The Guardian, which gives an interactive overview of what corporations make and what they pay, and the price of avoidance by society's richest.

A past blogpost about Municipal Tax Reform and a more recent post about oil royalties and tax cuts for the rich.

An anti-austerity group called Canada Uncut "aims to take action against the government’s short-sighted and unnecessary cuts to public services across the country" by educating people on the extent to which tax breaks for the rich are coming at a time of unprecedented gutting of public services. From their website: "While cuts are being made on the backs of the poor and middle class for an economic crisis they didn’t create, the banks, corporations and wealthy are avoiding paying their taxes, and getting away with it!"

See you at MUN for our presentation on Tuesday! 

UPDATES: Tax havens in the news....

BBC: Super-rich elite hiding at least $21 trillion in tax havens
Guardian: Hoard hidden from taxman by global elite

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