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Friday, July 20, 2012

99% Film Fest -- The Right to Sleep, Tuesday 24 July, 7:00 pm, Arts 1043 at MUN

This coming Tuesday, as part of the 99% Film Fest, there will be a screening of a documentary titled The Right To Sleep, which recounts the experiences of B.C. social justice activist David Arthur Johnston and his campaign to affirm the right of homeless people to be able to pitch tents and sleep in public parks.

David was recently in St. John's, spreading the word about his campaign and providing information about his court battles and his VICTORY in a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms case on this very issue.

Join us Tuesday at 7 pm in the Arts Building of Memorial University (room 1043) for the screening. For a bit more information on David Arthur Johnston, check out his write-up on the Right to Sleep, and also  a recent article in the Independent on David's visit to St. John's.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lanterns for Housing - Human Rights Week Event

OccupyNL's final Human Rights Week event was a great success! Lanterns for Housing, hosted by St. John's Citizen's for Affordable Housing, got people from across the community together at Scotia Square downtown to decorate lanterns and raise awareness about the affordable housing crisis in St. John's and the province.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parking Lot - St John's Citizens for Affordable Housing

Following the early General Assemblies in October, a group of residents of the Metro area began meeting with the goal of advocating for affordable housing.  As of now, you can join a Google group mailing list to begin to participate, and there are also regular meetings planned for the next several weeks.

Current plans include a demonstration in the Downtown area during mid- to late- December.

Meetings are generally on Tuesdays, prior to the General Assembly.

Meeting Notes from November 21
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