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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free James Learning!


Jim Learning was released April 10th, on day five of his hunger strike.
Visit NunatuKavut for more info...


Sunday, November 18, 2012

People's Assembly demos, Nov 18, 2012

Check out some of the images and video from the coordinated demonstrations earlier today. Big thanks to all the people that came out and showed solidarity! Please send us your images/videos to post!

Here's a link to some great pictures from the Rally for Democracy in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador this afternoon, organized by Friends of the Grand River/Mistashipu and Grand Riverkeepers. Here's their rally handout.

Solidarity with demonstrators in Labrador. More pics here.
More video here.

There was coverage of the People's Assembly St. John's protests of the undemocractic handling of the proposed Muskrat Falls mega-project in the CBC, the Telegram, and even coverage in the Vancouver Sun!

Where's the power? People power!

Special report from Z News and NL's favorite tiny reporter, Zoe. (Thanks Gordon!)

UPDATED YET AGAIN... Photos coming in from friends we met at Confederation Building and another demonstration in solidarity, Boil Up For The Big Land! Solidarity across Newfoundland and Labrador. Keep the pics coming folks

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time for the People to get involved.

The Muskrat falls process so far has been anything but satisfactory to most people. Undemocratic, to say the least—the latest coming yesterday, when the government announced that there wouldn't even be a debate in the House of Assembly on Muskrat Falls. Reclaim the political process by joining the newest initiative for direct democracy in this province. 

Attend the People's Assembly Undemocracy Tour Nov 19th 1 PM
on the steps of Confederation Building!
The People’s Assembly is a grassroots forum for direct democracy. It is an alternative to an unresponsive system of top-down party politics. The People of Newfoundland and Labrador have the right to actively participate in the political process and the civic responsibility to ensure this happens.

To this end, the People’s Assembly is holding a weeklong Referendum on Muskrat Falls, running November 18th through 25th. On Sunday, November 18th there will be a public demonstration to kick off the referendum, meeting at Harbourside Park in downtown St. John's at 12:00 noon and marching to Colonial Building for a rally. Throughout the week there will also be daily marches and other actions in order to bring the political process back to the People. Regardless of differences on the merits of the Muskrat Falls project, few can be satisfied with the process as it has unfolded. Participating in the referendum is a way to take part in this political decision, but also to show your dissatisfaction with a broken political system. This "do-it-ourselves" approach demonstrates a new set of expectations to a government that will not simply change on its own.

Check out the website for updates. Let the people be heard. Get involved!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rethink Muskrat Falls protest — Nov 5, 2012

Concerned citizens gathered at Confederation Building this morning to urge people to rethink the Muskrat Falls project. Members of the group Friends of the Grand River/Mistashipu, along with supporters from various parts of the province, came out to make their voices heard! This is only the beginning. Solidarity!

Check out blogposts on other recent protests in Labrador here and here.

Note the upside down flags indicating distress

Protesters took their message to the roadside.
Lots of cars honked to show their support!
A small but lively group – sure to grow.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Muskrat Falls direct action planning

** UPDATE: Nov 5th —We will be continuing our organizing at the GA tonight as well. 7 pm. Harbourside Park. Join us!

We will be discussing direct action on Muskrat Falls at our General Assembly tonight (Tues Oct. 30) at Harbourside Park at 7 PM. This is not about pro or con Muskrat Falls. This is about political process and civic engagement.

We are calling for an NL People's Assembly on principles of direct democracy to address shortcomings of a top-down political system.

Now is the time to reclaim the power of the people. Rise up NL!

Check out some of the other Muskrat actions in Labrador.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Protest at Happy Valley-Goose Bay's Town Office

Press release via Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu

Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu Concerned about Mayor Abbass’s Potential Conflict of Interest

Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu (FOGR/M) have requested that Mayor Abbass and the Town Council of Happy Valley-Goose Bay hold a public meeting to explain to its residents how there is no conflict of interest in relation to the mayor’s various positions. In addition to Mayor Abbass’s appointment to Nalcor’s Board, he has also publicly taken the stand with Peter Woodward’s pro Muskrat Falls business group.

We at FOGR/M are concerned about the adjacency principle and lack of consultation since the mayor’s appointment to these groups. We are further concerned about how all residents are being represented as plans move forward. Many of us in FOGR/M are residents of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and do not feel represented, consulted, or considered as he takes such a vocal public stand for the project.

FOGR/M will be continuing protests at the town office until we feel these concerns are being publicly addressed. A letter will also be presented to the Town Council on October 12, 2012 requesting the same. It is our position that a well-advertised public meeting called by the town council would give ample opportunity for all residents to come and understand how these various positions do not put the mayor and town council in a conflict of interest in representing all of the electorate.

Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu believe in a common mission, to protect and preserve all Labrador Rivers, including our efforts to Save Muskrat Falls! FOGR/M believe this government proposed megaproject to create a hydroelectric dam at Muskrat Falls that will eventually lead to potentially damming of other Labrador rivers is wrong, our reasons are varied, still the end decision the same - it is not a healthy project for anyone involved. FOGR/M are committed to stopping it! Search us on Facebook for more information.


via Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu

Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu would like to invite you to

Happy Valley-Goose Bay's Town Office
Friday, October 5 at 12pm

to join us in protest of the Muskrat Falls Hydro Project.

We are all aware that Happy Valley-Goose Bay Mayor Leo Abbass is now a NALCOR Board Member, and we'd like to hear from him and how Labrador and his community is going to benefit from this project in the long run? How is he looking out for the interests of the Labradorians and residents who elected him? And why has he made no public presentations to inform us of why he's on this board, what this project will mean to all of us, and will he allow us any input at all as this moves forward!? 

Read more at the Facebook Event Page

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Protesters speak up against Muskrat Falls

A group called the Friends of Grand River has staged a protest against the Muskrat Falls development.

You can read more about the group Friends of the Grand River here. And check out these images taken of the development already happening, before the project has even been sanctioned. It makes a farce out of the upcoming debate in the House of Assembly.

 Read the CBC article here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Public Forum on Muskrat Falls -- January 17th, 7:30 pm, Bruneau Centre, Memorial University

Professor Wade Locke will give a talk titled, "Is Muskrat Falls the Best Option?", to be followed by questions and discussion. The event took place on Tuesday, January 17th, 7:30 pm at the Bruneau Centre on Memorial University campus (download his powerpoint presentation here).

Dr. Locke's presentation comes on the heals of a paper by another Memorial University economist, Dr. James Feehan, released January 11. This paper (available in PDF) questions the necessity of proceeding with the mega-project in favor of other alternatives, which have been left largely unexplored.

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