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Friday, June 29, 2012

Casserole Night, Wednesday July 4th


 The group marched up Water Street to show solidarity, first of all, with the student (and now popular) movement in Quebec, and as a way to show popular discontent with a slew of undemocratic laws at the provincial and federal levels: Loi 78 in Quebec makes it illegal for groups of more than 50 to peacefully assemble, Omnibus bill C-38 (recently passed by the Conservatives) represents the most dangerous disregard for people and the environment we've seen in a long time, and Newfoundland access to information Law 29 (read more about it here, here, or here) hinders the public from accessing information.

 There are so many reasons to be angry, and so we invite the public to gather peacefully with us next Wednesday at Harbourside Park at 8 pm for more discussion, marching, and pots and pans clanging!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The future of Occupy NL

**Join the Facebook event here!**

GLOBAL CONTEXT: May 15th is a global day of action for the Occupy movement. The Indignados from Spain are celebrating their one year anniversary and hundreds of thousands of people have re-occupied squares all over Spain and continue to hold the space. Occupy Wall Street and a broad affiliation of organizations will join together for a sit-down strike and mass assembly in Times Squares at 6 PM.This action will focus on the Banks and their role in the Global Economic Crisis. Occupy NL stands in solidarity with the global movement against austerity and seeks to move towards economic justice worldwide during this day of global action.

We will be evicted from Harbourside Park today, May 15th. Despite all odds, Occupy NL has lasted through the winter, but now that Spring is here the City of St. John's is preparing for tourist season. Read another important blogpost on the subject.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Public Event: Non-Violent Direct Action Training and Climate Justice Outreach Session

Climate Justice St. John's will be hosting a Non-Violent direct action training session tomorrow, March 26, from 12-2 PM at The Loft, 3rd Floor UC, MUN Campus. The training and outreach session will introduce people to alternative methods of making change, Non-Violent Direct Action, that groups can use beyond normal tactics.

Check out Climate Justice St. John's Facebook page here. 
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