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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soundtrack for a Revolution - #6 - Pussy Riot: Holy Shit

Formed in Russia in 2011, Pussy Riot is an anonymous, punk-rock, feminist collective that engages in impromptu performances that discuss gender equality, freedom of expression, human rights, and politics.

On February 21st, 2012, as part of a protest against the re-election of Vladimir Putin as President of the Russian Federation, Pussy Riot performed their song "Holy Shit" (a punk rock prayer) in a 'priests only' section of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Less than one minute into the song, Pussy Riot was escorted outside by guards.

On March 4th, two members of Pussy Riot were arrested and a third member was arrested on March 15th. While Pussy Riot says the performance was about highlighting the special relationship between Putin and the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, they have been charged with 'hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility' and they face a potential 7-years in jail. (Update: On Aug 17th members of Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison).

Pussy Riot has received a lot of international support from artists and politicians, which you can read about here. There has also been some criticism of Pussy Riot, with claims that their actions were blasphemous and that maybe they should be forced to do community service.

According to the Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners and Amnesty International, this is much more serious than something community service could address as these women are political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

The court is slated to make its decision on August 17th. If you're interested in following the trial, you can do so at 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sountdtrack for a revolution #5 -- Sultans of Ping FC "Where's me Jumper"

This week's soundtracx presents an oldy but a goodie from this Dublin band's best selling album. Seen most frequently at the Star in Swords or at the Rose and Boot in Malahide, Sultans of Ping lyrics bounce off Dublinism's and ideomatic dialect, but echo true of the Irish scene (of which they are a part/Pogues/AfroCelt/etc.). Where's me poxy jumper!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Soundtrack for a Revolution - #4 - Hiretsukan: Barrel Roll

I hope you're interested in being yelled at because this week's installment of Soundtrack features Hiretsukan.

Hiretsukan -- Japanese for 'a despicable person', so I hear -- is a melodic hardcore band that was formed in 1998 somewhere outside of Washington, DC. The music is fast and dissonant. The vocals are shouted and yelled, by vocalist Michelle Proffit and backing vocalist Dave Sanders. The lyrics are political, and any one of their tracks would have been suitable.

For this episode, however, I've chosen "Barrel Roll," which is from their 2002 EP "Invasive//Exotic" (G7 Welcoming Committee). This track paints a chaotic picture of protest and a subsequent crackdown, where the ruling power (from a safe distance) tries to coax the public into believing that everything is just fine.

Here is a video gleaned from YouTube that contains the track and lyrics, though the lyrics can also be found below the video because I don't think the ones in the video are quite right.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Soundtrack for a Revolution - #2 & #3 - An Issue of Money...

In this weeks episode of Soundtrack for a Revolution, we will be looking at two songs that offer relatively short and screamed criticisms on money. These two tracks were chosen because the control of money and the power that comes with controlling money has been one of the criticisms of coming out of the Occupy movements. Indeed, Wall Street was selected for occupation for a reason: a number of reasons, if you are willing to listen.

The first song of this episode is from a female-fronted anarcho-punk band from New York that is named after a character from Conan the Barbarian. The band is Thulsa Doom (who I did not know of until I saw From the Back of the Room, a documentary about women in punk rock) and the song is "Money," which can be found on their 1999 release Desensitized EP.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Soundtrack for a Revolution - #1 - Propagandhi: The State Lottery

While full length documentaries and walls of text are fine ways to convey information, sometimes there are songs that express similar sentiments in much shorter periods of time -- and they may also allow for more head-bobbing and finger tapping, which seems like a positive addition to me.

The first auditory (and perhaps philosophical) assault I'd like to put forth is Propagandhi's "The State Lottery." Released in 1996 on their ironically titled album Less Talk, More Rock (released on Fat Wreck Chords), "The State Lottery" offers succinct insight into the sort of anger that fuels movements that call for radical change.

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