Sunday, March 2, 2014

A walking trail for Margaret's Place

Margaret's Place has emerged as a high density residential area; over a hundred condo units and dozens of row houses have been built on this central cul-de-sac in recent years, with another 44 unit condo in the works for Fall 2014. 

City councillors interested in improving walkability in the city should consider putting one or two short walking trails between Margaret's Place and Bonaventure Avenue.  I've indicated two possible routes below.

This would link these units directly the neighbourhood schools (Holy Heart, Brother Rice, Bonaventure), and the number 15 bus route leading to MUN/HSC and Quidi Vidi. It would also connect with an existing trail system leading to Churchill Square and provide a pedestrian short cut between Georgetown and Rabbittown.

These routes are already being used by walkers, even though this means clambering over snowbanks. Here are a few pictures of what pedestrians have to contend with to use these shortcuts.



Anonymous said...

retarded drivel. taking pictures of snowbanks now occupy?

howabout we speak of the impending Ukranian doom?

that or disband this movement altogether

Anonymous said...

why do we have to worry about Ukraine? Russia is stepping in to protect its citizens from the West. They can do the job well enough. They don't need more stupid westerners supporting the IMF and Far Right.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! A lot of the neighbours have been asking for this especially to have the lane way kept up and not used as snow drop. Recently saw new plans for the old Convent / Orphanage and this will add some lovely public space not sure if it includes a walk way between Brother Rice and Condo

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