Minutes of the General Assemblies of Occupy Newfoundland and Labrador

Secretaries have been volunteering for the taking of minutes at each GA.  If you have a copy of a set of minutes to submit to this listing, please us the text (.txt, .rtf, .doc, .odt, and .pdf acceptable).

Some minutes are "sparse" and will be amended to include information from the IRC log.

Occupy Newfoundland (St John's GA)
17? October (Second General Assembly)
18 October
20 October
21 October
22 October
23 October
24 October
26 October
27 October
29 October
1 November
6 November
10 November
13 November
15 November
17 November
20 November
24 November
4 December
18 December 
5 January 
12 January 
15 January 
22 January 
5 February 
19 February
26 February
4 March
11 March
1 April

Consensus to Date

The following is a list of all proposals that have achieved consensus at General Assembly so far, not counting short-term decisions. As of this moment, this list is tentative, possibly inaccurate and incomplete. Since OccupyNL is a constantly evolving and changing movement, everything here is of course subject to change.

  • The House of Assembly should be open (Oct 18th?)
  • We are opposed to bill C-10 (Oct. 26?)
  • OccupyNL is non-partisan (?)
  • Camp rules (Nov. 17th)
  • Facebook rules (Jan. 22)
  • Code of Conduct (parts 1, 2, and 3)
  • We support the FFAW in their dispute with OCI (?)
  • Support for incorporation. To provide detailed treasury reports at regular intervals (to be decided if it should be weekly or monthly) (March4)
  • Support for second Robocall rally on Sun March 25 at Colonial Building (March11)

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