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Occupy Art - International Day of Creative Action - Feb 12 #F12

***updated post with images and video from OccupyNL event as well as photos from our Aussie friends... if you have photos, videos, poetry, etc. that you would like added to this post, please get in touch with us!***

Occupy Newfoundland and Labrador begins a day of events in solidarity with Occupy Art #F12: international day of creative action. Occupy Art events kicked off in Australia, the US, and other Canadian cities. It's a beautiful summer day in Aussie from the look of some wonderful images coming out. If you're going to the events here @OccupyNFLD today, be sure to bring a camera and whatever other artistic supplies you need to get creative! Follow along on facebook and on twitter as the day goes on.

Check out the excellent Telegram article by Justin Brake on Occupy Art day. 


Our day began at the camp in the pouring rain, with 100-130kmh gusts of winter wind (according to Ryan Snoddon). This basically drown out the Art in the Park. Here is what was left of the turtle sculpture made the day before.

Even with the bad weather, spirits were high! Members of the NDP women's caucus arrived with hot chocolate and treats, including these all too happy cupcakes.     ; )

Inside the tent, the group got down to some creativity. This piece, done in ink by cue-tip, seems to sing out om.

A resistance patch in duct tape.

Another treat from our friends in the NDP.

A collage of paints made at the tent.


An occupier playing piano during set-up for the Poetry Slam event at Rocket Bakery.

Sharon performing at the Occupy NL poetry slam

Mike from Antics performing at Occupy NL Poetry Slam video

Cupcakes on strike at the opening of the Art is my Occupation evening event at Eastern Edge Gallery. Throughout the day we took to heart the much quoted phrase, "Let them eat cake."

Rozalind performing at Art is my Occupation


Guest book for Occupy Art NL, on the question, "What is Occupy NL to you?"

Mr. Abra performing a set of close-up magic at Art is my Occupation.

Mr. Abra bending forks without force. The system seems strong and metallic, but we have the strength to bend and remake the world in whatever shape we choose.

Painting by Newfoundland artist Geoff Smith, who graciously offered this piece as a door prize for the crowd.

Two paintings by  Thomas Jordan. The first, a work he asks the viewer to participate in constructing, but adding quotes, poetry, slogans, etc.

During the three house of the evening event, Thomas completed a painting on the spot, which is a kind of pastiche of the sounds, sights, and feelings of the evening.

Body art by Dylan, aka Wandering Brush.

Occupy Collage by Terry

Acrylic customizations by Sami (modeled by Terry). This one for when you want to keep the sound waves on the right channel.

RN Wagner hip-hop / spoken word set.

Check out the excellent Telegram article by Justin Brake on Occupy Art day. 

Images and links below from Occupy Arts in Australia

"Rainbow Burnout" image from Occupy Melbourne Facebook

"Occupy in miniature!" image from Occupy Melbourne Facebook
("Gnome" Chomsky is in there somewhere)

These three images from The Division of Needs: Jim Richardson, covering #F12 events at Occupy Sydney.

notice the contrast with some prep work from yesterday @occupyNFLD     ; D

Image below from Occupy Perth, the first act in their #F12 event as part of the Perth Fringe Festival. Looks as though some trapeze artists will at some point take the stage!


Anonymous said...

I love the mini occupiers! We should do that with snowmen!

Anonymous said...

wicked event...

Mystery Flute Girl said...

What a fantastic event! Thanks for putting it together. : )

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